About Us



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Salvus Group AB is a Swedish owned company with focus on the Middle East and African market.

Our main business is Horse Care items. Our products are designed to the market and therefore we

have one of a kind product. Salvus Horse shoes develop, manufacture, market and sell horseshoes

and horse related items of consumable nature - through Batter offer in terms of price, high and

consistent quality and best logistic.


Salvus Group AB produces about...

- 400 000 Horse Shoes

- 100 000 nails

- 10 000 tools


... per year under the brands Salvus Horse Shoes, Salvus Horse Nails and Salvus Tools. Today’s sales

are focused to the Middle East but we have started new markets as Scandinavia and North



Strategic direction

Salvus Group AB’s aspiration is to continue building a first class business. This will be achieved

through continued investment in its four core growth businesses: Horse Shoes, Nails, Tools and

horse related items.


The Group aims for long-term profitable growth, combining focused innovation, a performancebased

culture and the philosophy of Constant Care to build and maintain leading positions for

distributors in the focus market and growth markets.


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